Some of the interesting facts about present day schools

There are different systems followed by schools around the world. Whether it is the age when a child gets admission, teaching philosophy, grading system or the date when a session starts. The variation in schooling system around the world makes it quite interesting to know them. Some of the fun facts about this variation are listed below:

  1. In Japan the kids need to go to the school all by their own and no one goes to leave them to the school. They need to clean their classroom and they don’t have canteen in their schools. Children need to bring packed lunch from their home and they’re known to be quite creative with their bento lunch boxes.
  2. In German schools children receive “Schultute” that mainly consists of lunch boxes, snacks, little books and sweets. They need to open it in school and they receive small gifts from their school. The focus is only all-round development of the child and not only on the academics. Social skills and physical development is also an important part of their schools life.
  3. Finnish schools are considered to be the best when it comes to the grading system and there is no pressure on the students. The students don’t receive any grades until they are into the third year of their schooling. The national tests are only held when they reach class 12 and this reduces the pressure on children to a great extent. Even teachers have a lot of autonomy to handle the children well.
  4. When it comes to the Swiss schools the children have a 2 hour long lunch break. Parents can take their children home for lunch between 12pm to 2pm. For children of working parents the school sets up a “Mittagstisch” i.e. a big lunch table for children who have to stay back in school during lunch hours.

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